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21st-22nd March 2020 (SAT & SUN), 9:00am-6:30pm, Vivatel Hotel, KL (Next to Vivahomes)

Discover The Winning Strategies To Breakthrough Your Personal Property Investment Portfolio limits in 2020!

Special sharing sessions from 2 LEGIT gurus and their successful students all around ASIA! Get inspired from their life experiences, stories, and get ready to play Beyond your limits and grow exponentially!


Date: 21st-22nd March 2020


Time: 9:00AM – 6.30PM

Venue: Vivatel Hotel, KL (Next to Vivahomes)

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Why you don’t want to miss this out?

Know how to invest in properties in the market. Properly.

This is not a Preview.

It is a real 2 days life changing summit where you’ll hands-on and learn a system of important property investment knowledge you can use right away in the real world. 

At a very minimal cost.

We have conducted events all around Asia, from Malaysia to Vietnam, Hong Kong, Cambodia and Thailand.






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Our summit focuses on making real results and we have changed over thousands life across Asia.  See what they have to say!


“Before this, I know how to invest in properties but don’t know the fundamentals behind it. This workshop is good for season and newbie investors. The teaching inside is easy to understand.

Jagjit Singh

It’s important course for young generation. This workshop guide you steps by steps system to build wealth through property investment.


This workshop not only teach about developer market but also sub-sale and auction. It open my eye sight and I’ve learned the strategies to buy, sell and rent.


I’m a student and don’t know much about financial term, Michael explain it and make it understandable and logic behind it. This workshop is suitable for students, working adult and different type of background


I’ve learned a lot of property investment, on how to make money using the strategies. It’s filled with information and knowledge and Michael put it into system and proper process to build wealth.


I’ve bought a property without any knowledge and make loss. Thru this workshop I’ve now learned how to buy and sell properties and I also learnt how to manage property as well.

“Be The Game Changer.

You Didn’t Wake Up To Be Ordinary”

Michael Tan

What You’ll Discover In The Event:

During his 2 days workshop, you’re going to discover a fundamental ways of doing property investment.

How To Identify The Good Property Deals To Invest Regardless Of Bad Or Good Market

Discover How You Can Invest Properties With Little Or No Money Down

Identify The Common Mistakes That Investor Make

How to Break The Bank Codes & Leverage On Banks Again & Again

How To Customize Your Step-By-Step Property Investment Blueprint That Will Enable You To Break Free From Financial Struggles For LIFE-TIME!!

The 5-Steps Millionaire Mastery System


LATEST BATCH (November 2019) – 131% CLOSING RATE

Total 220 Units, 161 out of 161 Participants Successfully Bought their Properties No-Money-Down at RM80.44Millions Worth of Properties at 25.13% Below Market Price!

It means EVERY single participants bought AT LEAST one property No Money Down in subsale market and some of them bought 2-3 properties within 3 MONTHS! Not only they buy the deal, all of them made money buying them. Each and every one of these properties have at least rental return exceeding 6%. Most are above 8% (compared to Malaysia’s average of 4.4%).

A total of RM10,357,312 was cashed out and it all happened within 3 months! How hard would you say it would be to get almost 100 people from 4 different states to invest into properties on their own effort, 25% below market price WITH rental return exceeding 6%-8% and with No Money Down?

I’d say DARN near impossible… BUT we have made it possible and we have done it CONSISTENTLY for the past 2 years with 100% success rate!

Who Is This For:

1. Property Virgins, People who have not start investing in properties.

2. People who are stuck in Loans

3. People who still invest with compression, and looking for alternative roads

4. LTV 70%

5. Business Owners

6. Working Adults

7. Students

“More Money Has Been Made In real Estate

Than In All Industrial Investment Combined.”

Andrea Carnegie

Meet The Speakers

Michael Tan

CEO and Founder of Freemen Education

Asia’s #1 Millionaire Maker, No. 1 Best-Selling Author, Recipient of 100 Most Influential Young Entrepreneur Award 2017 & Grandeur International Business Award 2017/18

A self-made multi-millionaire and owns different companies across South East Asia, thanks in large part to his uncanny ability to increase sales, multiply profits and build a world-class teams with ONE SIMPLE strategy!

Michael made his first million at 28 years old, and lost everything at 30. Today he is more than just a property tycoon, he is recognized as the Millionaire Maker and a successful educator, teaching his proven property investment strategies in across Asia like Malaysia, Cambodia, Thailand and Hong Kong! The world is changing….

Featured Speaker

Rick-ky Wong

Dr Finance, FREEMEN Finance Strategiest

Rick-ky Wong come from owing debts of more than RM 500,000 to become property millionaire in just 2 years. By having more than 6 figures of debts makes him become the specialist in finance as he encountered many obstacles to get him out of the debts.

And how he did it was leverage it by investing in properties. Since then, he fall in love in property investment and became a full time investors. Now, he teaches people in term of property financing, helping people to solve their property financing issue because he believe if he can get out of RM 500,000 debts, there’s no any other case that he can’t solve.

In 2019 alone, he have helped more than 150 people to get their loans approved amounting more than RM 45 millions! So people coined him as Dr Finance and now, he’s willing to share all his strategies to help more people who are in troubled.




First 100 tickets (RM497)

RM 50

(Special Promo!)

  • Admission Ticket to Mastering Your Wealth
  • 5 Steps Millionaire Mastery System Workbook
  • 7 Days Wealth Success Email
  • ❌ Michael Tan’s National Best Selling Book “How You Can Be Financially Free Through Properties Investment” worth: RM 39.90
  • ❌ 5 Steps Millionaire Mastery Audio CD
  • ❌ 5 Golden Location For High Rental Of Investment
  • ❌ Property Millionaire Secrets Drive
  • ❌ Exclusive Networking Session



First 100 tickets (RM897)

RM 98

(Special Promo!)

  • Admission Ticket to Mastering Your Wealth
  • 5 Steps Millionaire Mastery System Workbook
  • 14 Days Wealth Success Email
  • Michael Tan’s National Best Selling Book “How You Can Be Financially Free Through Properties Investment” worth: RM 39.90
  • 5 Steps Millionaire Mastery Audio CD
  • 5 Golden Location For High Rental Of Investment
  • Property Millionaire Secrets Drive
  • Exclusive Networking Session

100% No Risk Money Back Guarantee

We are committed to deliver quality and value added events, should you not satisfied with our events, rest assure that you are 100% risk free with our money back guarantee.

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Mastering Your Wealth 2020

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Date: 21st-22nd March 2020


Time: 9:00AM – 6.30PM

Venue: Vivatel Hotel, KL (Next to Vivahomes)

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Legal Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to accurately represent our program and its potential. The testimonials and examples used are exceptional results, and may not apply to the average attendee/student and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. Each individual’s success depends on his or her background, financial status, effort, dedication, desire, and motivation.

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